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Philip Jenkins: The New Faces of Christianity, The Next Civilisation, The Lost History of C'y

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A Call to Action

Jimmy Carter
Amazon            Bloomberg As one Amazon reviewer says: 
"This is stuff you need to know"
An Ordinary Man

Paul Rusesabagina


see movies: Hotel Rwanda

How he saved 1,200 people at his hotel
 during the genocide in Rwanda
A Persistent Peace

John Dear 


John Dear's website

John Dear’s autobiography invites readers to follow the decades-long journey and spiritual growth of this nationally known peace activist, and to witness his bold, decisive, often unpopular actions before government officials, military higher-ups, and even representatives of the Church
Baudouin, King of the Belgians   

Cardinal L.J. Suenens 

 Baudouin, King of the Belgians 


True story of King Baudouin, died 1993. Queen Elizabeth broke with tradition and attended this king's funeral in person - such was his stature of goodness. A truly inspiring book
Chaplains of the Militia

 Chris McGreal
The tangled story of the Catholic church during Rwanda’s genocide 
Chasing the Dragon

Jackie Pullinger



Over the past five decades, no one has helped more Hong Kong people than Jackie Pullinger to come off drugs
Dreams of My Father

Barack Obama

After reading Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope   

I also read  Obama, From Promise to Power by David Mendell

Dying to be Me

Anita Moorjani

Amazon    c.f. Near Death Experience file
Economic Apartheid in America 
Collins & Yeskel
Amazon Looks at the causes and manifestations of wealth disparities in the United States

Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

Eugene H. Peterson

These are just two of the many excellent books by Eugene Peterson, producer of The Message Bible
 (so easy to read!) 
 Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work 

  (1995 Interview with EP)    (& U2)

Run With The Horses (Jeremiah)
Fred Hollows: Autobiography Amazon "His altruism and indefatigable effort to aid the health of the poor will remain with me forever"
Freeing Celibacy

Donald Cozzens

Freeing Celibacy - Amazon

See also: 
he Changing Face of the Priesthood 
From Headhunters to Church Planters

Paul Hattaway

Amazon Before I read this book I had never heard of Nagaland in north east India, much less of India's genocide of the Naga people 
From the Holy Mountain

William Dalrymple

Amazon The more complicated the situation in the Middle East becomes, the more relevant this classic work understand the background of what is happening now
Fischer, Louis
Amazon Whole book in PDF is free here !

This book was the basis for the Academy Award-winning film Gandhi (1982)

Heaven is for Real

Todd Burpo

Amazon c.f. Near Death Experience file
Francis MacNutt
Amazon  For me, Francis MacNutt is the number one author on praying for healing. All of his books are gold mines. I cannot recommend them highly enough. All of them are listed at his website here
Healing the Family Tree

Kenneth McAll

Amazon One of the most important books I have ever read. Wish I'd known about it earlier. Has helped many individuals and families

Hiroshima Nagasaki 
- The real story of the atomic bombings and their aftermath  Paul Ham

Amazon Paul Ham argues against the use of nuclear weapons, drawing on extensive research and hundreds of interviews to prove that the bombings had little impact on the eventual outcome of the Pacific War. 
Yet still today most people believe they ended the Pacific War and saved millions of American and Japanese lives.

How the West really lost God

Mary Eberstadt

Amazon The conventional wisdom is that the West first experienced religious decline, followed by the decline of the family. Eberstadt turns this standard account on its head and shows that the reverse has also been true 
Impossible Love

Craig Keener & Médine Moussounga Keener

Amazon The True Story of an African Civil War, Miracles and Hope against All Odds. Once you start reading, not easy to put down!
Inquisition. The Reign of Fear

Toby Green

Guardian review


The Inquisition was about power, not religion, says Green.  A gripping, although saddening book. As the Guardian review points out, Green's reflections about the reign of fear have application today re the "war on terror"
JFK and the Unspeakable
How he died and why it matters

James W. Douglass

Wikipedia   Amazon The book's central thesis is that Kennedy was a Cold Warrior who turned to peace-making, and that as a result he was killed by his own security apparatus
Joseph Girzone

If I had to recommend just one book in this whole file of books, Joshua would be my choice. Followed by others written by Girzone: Joshua and the Children, Joshua in the Holy Land, The Shepherd. The whole series is listed here.
 I've read them all. All are truly inspiring


Valerie Browning


Barbara May Foundation website

"Inspiring and shocking biography of Valerie Browning, an Australian aid worker living and working amongst the Afar nomadic tribes of Ethiopia in one of the most God forsaken places on the planet"
  Natural Vision Improvement    
      Peace not Apartheid

Jimmy Carter

Wikipedia      Amazon

Carter's response to
 criticism of this book

A must read for understanding the Middle East situation

c.f. Pope at Wall

Poverty in the Midst of Affluence

Leo Goodstadt

SG Talk


Excellent PDF summary

Leo's website

  Prison to Praise   and other books by Carothers
Project Pearl

Brother David and Paul Hattaway

Amazon  How one million Bibles were smuggled into China in 1981
  Gumbell, Nicky Questions of Life    
Robert Morrison and the Birth of Chinese Protestantism

Christopher Hancock

Global China Centre


Photos of Morrison's grave in Macau 
(scroll down to 4th row)
  Sealed Orders

Sanford, Agnes: (Francis MacNutt's teacher)....she was born in China in 1897....died in USA in 1982):
 Sealed Orders (her autobiograhy

The Healing Light  
The Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Something Beautiful for God  

Malcolm Muggeridge

  The story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  Sunday - The Lord's Day

Pope John Paul II

Testing Prayer

Candy Gunther Brown


Huffington Post (by C.G. Brown)

In Candy Gunther Brown’s view, science cannot prove prayer’s healing power, but what scientists can and should do is study prayer’s measurable effects on health
  The Age of Consent

George Monbiot

  My special review
The Changing Face of the Priesthood

Donald Cozzens

  Amazon "With astonishing candor, Cozzens zeroes in on some of the more provocative issues among clergy; his discussions of celibacy, homosexuality, and sexual abuse of children are particularly insightful"
  The Davidson Affair 
Stuart Jackman
The End of Poverty 

Jeffrey Sachs  

  (hard to put down once you start reading)
  The Future of Mankind
de Chardin
The Homeless Bishop

Joseph Girzone

Amazon Book review by John W

An inspiring book that predicts a "Francis" will become pope!

  Hamlin, Dr Catherine  - The Hospital by the River    
  The Light in the Window

June Goulding

The Unwinding:  An Inner History of the New America

George packer

Amazon A broad and compelling perspective on a nation in crisis....the unsettling feeling that the nation and its people are adrift ...a story of how wealth has concentrated itself in the United States
What Went Wrong

George R. Tyler

Amazon  How the 1% Hijacked the American Middle Class
 . . . and What Other Countries Got Right.
.... a subset of rich and powerful looters have prevailed in getting  an economic agenda that favors their interests at the expense of absolutely everyone else
Who will break the bread for us?

Brendan Hoban

Author's introduction About the rapidly declining number of priests in Ireland


Christ Re-Crucified

St Benedict Labre