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2014-11-16: Susan Boyle on Past & Present

2014-11-13: Death throes for democracy in America (Thomas C. Fox)
Big Money has run off with our governing bodies. Powerful interests are crushing the institutional infrastructures of what once passed for democracy in America
(... same thing happening in many nations ...this article has relevance for many places)

2014-06-14 Lest we forget Russia's defeat of the Nazis
(a really important part of history that many people don't know about

2014-05-18: Beijing's dangerous arrogance in the South China Sea
Philip Bowring says Beijing's superiority complex and selective reading of Southeast Asian history have become the toxic brew fuelling tensions in the South China Sea

2014-05-20: A Lost Generation?
The authors declare at fault “the inability, and sometimes unwillingness of parents to model, teach and pass on the faith to their children. At precisely the same moment, older, more communal, taken-for-granted forms of religious practice and catechesis were eroding and sometimes collapsing in American Catholicism.”

2013-09  Lazarus at our Gate
Social Justice Statement of Australian Catholic Bishops.
"A critical moment in the fight against world poverty"

2012-05-14 The Ten Commandments - Brian Lewis
It can never be morally good to be unloving or dishonest or unjust or disrespectful of others in their persons or in their possessions. These formal laws are therefore absolutes. So we can and should use them in our teaching and preaching and discussions about morality without fear of contradiction, in order to motivate one another and our children to be morally good in so many different ways.